The sequel to Stern’s classic, Berzerk, is translated pixel for pixel on the incredible Colecovision. Enter an endless maze-world filled with an entire army of robots who want to take you down. Armed only with your laser blaster, you must destroy the menacing machines in your way. Blast walls to clear a path to escape or use them to your advantage by ricocheting your bullets into unsuspecting robots. Watch out! They can do the same. Beware when Evil Otto arrives; the mastermind behind the robot army is invincible. Run away out of the maze only to find a new set of robots…tougher than the last. It’s enough to whip you into a FRENZY!

Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap

Game maker, Exidy, took the popular “Maze”  genre of 80’s video games and gave it a twist in MOUSETRAP. Coleco’s version was very faithful to the arcade.

The player-controlled mouse needs to eat all the cheese in the maze to complete the level. The cats are loose and relentlessly chase our player for a tasty mousy morsel. Good thing there are bones scattered throughout the gauntlet of cheddar because when collected, saved, and used, they can magically transform our rodent into a big bulldog, who in turn beats up the ferocious felines. Think you have the game down pat? Think again. In higher levels, the hawk comes swooping down trying to nab his favorite meal… you! Trapped and stuck in a dead end pinch with a crazy cat and hungry hawk closing in? Fear not! Simply pressing one of three color- coordinated gate buttons opens up gates of the same color, transforming the maze itself, providing escape for our mouse-hero so he can live to eat another day.


Sega’s space shooter is brilliantly translated for the Colecovision in all the 3-D glory that made it an arcade classic.

Guide your speeding fighter jet through the enemy alien base. Take care not to crash into force fields, walls, and obstacles while avoiding incoming gunfire. Swoop low and blast the gun torrents. Don’t forget to aim for oil drums to gain more fuel. You’re going to need every last drop as you accelerate into outer space, engaging squadrons of bogeys. Muster up all your skill afterward to take on the mastermind behind the entire alien armada: the giant robot Zaxxon!

Pepper 2

Pepper 2

Guide the Angel, Pepper, through a zipper-ridden maze that spans 4 screens in the overlooked arcade game from Exidy, brought to you by Colecovision.

Pepper needs to “zip up” all 4 maze screens to advance to the next level. Simply zipper all 4 sides to a section to “zip up” that section and score. Zipper all sections to a full-screen maze to complete it. Complete all 4 mazes to advance. It won’t be easy because Zipper Rippers unzip any part of the zipper you previously zipped up, and are also lethal to the touch. The Whipper Snappers try to catch our little angel as well, spelling certain doom. Quickly zipper a section with a pitchfork to turn into the Devil to freeze all the Whipper Snappers and eat all roaming eyes. Grab the halo to rid all Whipper Snappers from the maze! Be careful not to backtrack your steps or Pepper unzips that section he already zipped up! So much strategy and fast action makes Pepper 2 a must-have for Colecovision fans!

Donkey Kong

This game was one of the reasons you wanted to buy a Colecovision back in the day!  Donkey Kong is a Nintendo arcade and Coleco-Classic!

Donkey Kong, the overgrown ape, kidnaps your beloved Pauline and climbs the steel girders at the top of an unfinished high rise building! Mario, our plump, Italian, carpenter hero is determined to rescue her. Climb the ladders of the skyscraper to get to the top where Mario can help his girl escape Donkey Kong’s clutches!

Be careful, because the maniacal monkey throws barrels at our hero. Jump over or be bowled over by them! As barrels roll into the oil drum, they transform into wild fireballs, climbing ladders trying to roast Mario. Smash them with your trusty hammer to rid them! Finally, remove the rivets of the building to make it come tumbling down, plummeting Donkey Kong to his demise and the pretty Pauline into your loving arms.


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